Where To Go In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a rare gem, preserving the idyllic simplicity of a tropical hideaway. It is characterized by beaches of powdery white sand, crystal-clear waters. Here you can delight in a latter-day Robinson Crusoe experience-in comfort. The island, Thailand's third largest, measuring 21 kilometres at its widest point and 25 kilometres in maximum length, is one of a group of more than 80 tropical islands, only a few of which are inhabited. A mountain ridge runs east to west and most of the hinterland comprises forested hills. The rich hues of wild vegetation are dappled throughout with the contrasting greens of coconut palms and emerald paddy fields. The mainland is well worth exploring either on your way to or from Samui. Surat Thani, the ferry terminal, is a bustling fishing and shipbuilding centre of considerable interest. A casual stroll around town or a canal tour on the Tapi river are rewarding for the glimpses they give of southern culture. Surat Thani is also famous for its oyster farms where a giant species of the mollusc is harvested.

What to eat on Ko Samui

Samui offers numerous restaurants and cafes catering to a variety of tastes. Well-known local specialties include fruits such as fasts coconuts. rambutans, lanesats and mangosteens as well as the muse-eat seafood. On the island, visitors have many choices for eating, from authentic home- made cuisine legendary Southern Thai food is quiet spicy but tastes yummy to luxurious hotel restaurants and cafes with stunning views.

Local food restaurants offer dishes like Moong Mung chilli paste (made from Taling Pling fruits that taste sour), Kor seaweed spicy salad (mixed with sliced sour mangoes), Tom Som (sour soup made of tamarind paste with cooked octopus), Keoy Jee (small shrimps pounded with coconuts and crap meat served on roasted coconut shells together with fresh vegetables) or rice noodles in curry sauce. Samui natives normally cook easily-found seafood like fish, shellfish, cuttlefish and jellyfish served in spicy salad dishes. And don't forget the famous Thai sweet Kalamae made of glutinous rice flour or rice mixed with coconut milk and coconut sugar. They say you will never go hungry on Ko Samui and depending on where you are staying that is certainly true. The tourist beaches Chaweng and Bo Phut are packed with international restaurants while the undeveloped west coast of Samui is a good place to enjoy local dishes.

We recommended

Samui's coolest Italian restaurant caters mouth-watering seafood dishes, homemade castas and pizzas fresh from the wood-fired oven amid a stylish and relaxed setting with a romantic dining atmosphere. Advance bookings are recommended. The restaurant is in the Amari Palm Reef on Cnaweng Beach. Tel 0 7742 2015-18.
Eat all you can amidst an authentic Brazillan ambiance (from Brazil's specialist consultants to music and Samba dancers) at Zico's Brazilian Grill and Bar, including an impressive salad and a meat (many kinds of meat and seafood) as well as wine selections. Directly opposite Centara Grand Beach Resort, the restaurant is on the main Chaweng Beach Road and can be contacted at Tel 0 7723 1560-3.
Operated in a shop house, not close to the beach but acclaimed by food columnists, Koseng offers very fresh seafood at reasonable prices. It is located on Tawee Rat Phakdi Road, Mae Nam Subdistrict, Ko Samui District. Tel 0 7742 5365.
Located near the Seaside at Bamboo, Krua Barlgoo offers local cuisine and a variety of seafood dishes amid a cosy ambience. It is located on Rob Ko Road, Mae Nam Sub-district, Ko Samui District. Tel 0 7724 7514.
Set on Bamgpe Beach, Jam Hom, operate for over 10 years, presents real local food amidst simple decor while offering stunning sea views. Its signature dishes are Kang Som (sour soup made with tamarirtd paste) and chili paste. It is on Mae Nam Subdistrict, Ko Samui District. Tel 0 7723 6458.
With seaside atmosphere and open decor, Krua Chao Bam has offered the island's traditional and spicy dishes for over 10 years, all using fresh ingredients and with guaranteed reasonable prices. The restaurant is on the way to Lamai Beach. Tel 0 7741 8589.
Famous for its flavours, reasonable price and nice ambience, Sabient Lay offers seafood, Thai and European dishes with seaside views. Spotlights are hung at night for Customers to chili out on the beach. The restaurant sits near the entry of Hin Ta Hin Yai rock formations on the way to Lamai Beach. Tel 0 7723 3082.
Located at Fisherman's Village in Bo Put, this restaurant is an ideal place for lovers of pizzas and other Italian dishes. Tel 0 7724 5662.
Famous for its exquisite views and lovely atmosphere, this seaside coffee shop, whose name is derived from an African word meaning hippopotamus, Catering ground Kenya coffee beans and other drinks and cakes. Visitors also enjoy chilling out at the reading corner and admiring the sunset scenery. The shop is located near Fishermans Village in Bo Phut. Tel 08 4636 9090.
Popular among Samui natives, 'Kha Nom Jeen' by Aunt Mai Tree restaurant offers a variety of curries served with rice noodles and fresh vegetables and boiled eggs as well as Thai desserts. Open Over 20 years, it is located on Mae Nam Beach near the entry of Wat Phu Khao Thong. Tel 0 7724 7075.